STRAVA Splint Bath

Art. N°: 35123/230EU

A state-of-the-art, first-of-its-kind splint bath precisely engineered to remove the guesswork and help prevent cross-contamination


Convection Heat Technology

Fast: 25 minutes to reach set water temperature with uniform heat distribution.

  • Strava’s unique internal convection heat exchanger is immersed directly in the circulating-water basin, ensuring fast heating, minimal thermal lag, and uniform heat distribution. All without losing heat while the lid is open.
  • An internal temperature control system allows temperature monitoring in real-time at extremely close tolerances.


Hygienic and Easy Water System

Circulates 100% of the water every two minutes to power its innovative features.

  • Continuous filtration through UV-C sterilization.
  • Convection heat technology for fast, accurate, and uniform heat distribution even with the lid open.
  • The automatic pump system makes water drainage quick and easy for cleaning and water replacement. For safety, it will not drain unless the water temperature is below 74°C (165°F).


It’s Always on Time

Automatically preheats the water to reach a set temperature at a set time.

Ready when your clinic opens and energy efficient at night when not in use.


Digital Touch Interface

Traditional splint bath controls are antiquated and imprecise.

A full menu of features allows clinicians control and customization from an easy-to-use touch display.


Product Information & Education

Visit our Useful Information & Educate Yourself pages for instructional videos, upcoming splinting workshops, guides for the fabrication of static and dynamic splints and frequently asked questions.