Embrace diversity with Multifit NS. Your all-round orthotic fabrication companion.

From a static wrist orthosis to a complex dynamic orthosis. Multifit NS can address all of your orthotic fabrication needs across pathologies and across patients while offering maximum ease of use.



  • High rigidity
  • Moderate resistance to stretch and moderate drape
  • No memory
  • Coated, non-stick material
  • Surface with antibacterial properties


How it works and looks

  • Ideal material for the fabrication of rigid and supportive orthoses. It is an excellent base material for all outrigger and resting hand orthoses.
  • The perfect balance between drape and resistance to stretch. The material holds its shape perfectly against increased tone, and it readily contours to the fingers, hands and wrist using mild to moderate pressure.
  • The fabricated orthosis will hold its shape when heated for minor adjustments. Small corrections are easy to make after spot-heating the orthosis with a heat gun.
  • The non-stick coating prevents accidental bonding and allows for molding directly over bandages and cotton linings in post-surgical conditions. The coating allows for temporary bonding during fabrication. Reliable permanent bonding is possible after removing the coating and using dry heat. All attachments and outriggers can be applied with maximum ease.
  • Prevents cross-contamination between materials in a splinting department and keeps orthoses hygienic for a longer period of time. Orthoses have a longer life cycle.


Recommended applications

  • Multifit NS is user-friendly for the fabrication of all types of orthoses.
  • Use the Multifit NS 3.2 mm for larger orthoses and patients that require extra support: resting hand orthosis, volar wrist orthosis, elbow orthosis, as a base for outrigger components, and contracture management.


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