Orfit Ease

Orfit Ease is a product that contours easily to the anatomy with minimal handling and the assistance of gravity, yet offers extreme support and comfort.  We recommend Orfit Ease for orthoses for immobilization and rheumatology patients.


Circumferential elbow orthosis from Orfit Ease


  • High drape and high rigidity.
  • Moderate resistance to stretch and non-elastic behavior.
  • Non-coated sticky material.
  • Minimal elastic memory.
  • Soft touch feeling and easy to trim edges.
  • Less UV sensitive.

How it works and looks

  • Contours easily to the anatomy. High precision contouring prevents pressure points. Use gravity assisted positions in order to make larger orthoses. Well-fitting and comfortable orthoses.
  • Minimal handling required. Easy to control during fabrication.
  • Temporary bonding possible during the moulding. Permanent bonding is achieved with dry heat.
  • Small corrections can be made after reheating locally.
  • Increased patient comfort and compliance.
  • Long lasting and aesthetically pleasing surface finish.

Recommended applications

  • All orthoses where excellent support and intimate fit are required.
  • Excellent to make dorsal gutters without putting pressure onto the articulations.
  • Base for mobilization orthoses.
  • Especially recommended for the treatment of rheumatic conditions.
Product Information & Education

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