Daily patient setup made easy
Position of the cushions is easily reproduced during each fraction. Comprehensive color coding facilitates the use of the cushion combinations.
Make patient comfort a priority
Minimal pressure points and soft, ergonomically designed cushions.
Made to last
A busy radiation therapy department requires high durability devices to withstand rough handling conditions.
Maximize clearance, minimize collision
The full AIO setup fits in small CT-bores and reduces the risk of collision with the gantry.
Immobilize without a base plate
Cushions can be positioned directly on the treatment table without the use of a base plate.
Blue cushion set for breast and lung
Complete range
Grey cushion set for knee and leg
Complete range
Base plates (for head and neck)
Full range
Product Features
Modular system
Extra durable coating
Comfortable system
Excellent dosimetric properties

Where to buy?
Press Release

Orfit Industries Received FDA 510(k) Clearance for the new AIO Solution®

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