Daily patient setup made easy
Position of the cushions is easily reproduced for each fraction.
Make patient comfort a priority
Minimal pressure points and soft cushions, designed to fit all anatomies.
Workplace ergonomics
Provide a better workplace experience with lightweight and easy to clean immobilization devices that will contribute to a fast working time and higher throughput.
Maximize clearance, minimize collision
The full AIO setup fits in small CT-bores (minimum 65cm - 25.59") and reduces the risk of collision with the gantry.
MR compatible
All components are available in an MR compatible version.
Stand-alone Breast and Lung module
Full Module
Advanced Breast and Lung module
Full Module
Complete Head & Neck and Breast & Lung module with thermoplastic masks
Full Module

Where to buy?
AIO Solution 3.0 Compatible for Use with Varian Medical Systems Halcyon™ and Ethos™ Radiotherapy Systems
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Leaflet - The AIO Solution 3.0
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Orfit Industries Received FDA 510(k) Clearance for the new AIO Solution®
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