Thermoplastic Products

Orficast is a unique textile-like thermoformable taping material. It offers extreme comfort for your patients and is very easy to use. This knitted hybrid fabric is ideal for all applications of finger and/or thumb orthoses and supportive bandage wraps.
Orfit Classic
Orfit Classic has excellent elastic and adhesive qualities. It is ideal for all splint types and has unlimited potential for fabrication of very large to very small orthoses. It is excellent as a base for different dynamic splint components.
Orfit NS
Orfit NS has unlimited potential for fabrication of very small to very large orthoses. It is an excellent base for attachments. The non-stick coating eliminates accidental adhesions but allows for temporary bonding while the product is warm.
Aquafit NS
Aquafit NS has a smooth white surface and is an excellent choice for orthoses both large and small. When the coating is removed, all attachments can be adhered by using dry heat.
Orfilight (NS)
Orfilight products are unique lightweight splinting materials with or without a non-stick (NS) coating. They are specifically designed to be lighter and more comfortable on your patient.
Orfit Colors NS
Orfit Colors NS offers beautiful metallic and bright colours. Coloured products are highly recommended if you are looking for new ways to boost your patients' morale, make them feel good and improve compliance with splint wear.
Orfit Strips
Precut strips of Orfit Colors NS allow for quick and easy production of orthoses, external immobilization devices and rehabilitation aids.
Orfit Eco (NS)
Orfit Eco (NS) is extremely well suited for large and/or rigid splint fabrication. It is a great material for elbow, forearm, wrist, ankle, and even back supports as well as anti-spasticity, long arm and lower extremity splints.
Tecnofit, an elastic based thermoplastic, is suitable for wrist, hand, thumb and finger splints. Tecnofit can also be used as a supportive orthotic bracing material for lower limbs, cervical collars, and full body jackets.
Orfibrace NS
Orfibrace is a unique rigid and supportive material. Its high resistance to stretch offers you excellent control while moulding. It has a superior surface finish. Due to its coated surface, Orfibrace can be activated in a splint pan or in the oven.
Orfit Flex NS
Orfit Flex NS is a very flexible and highly conforming material that forms a fairly sturdy and supportive end product. The product is highly drapable. The new NS antibacterial coating allows for moulding directly over bandages.
Orfit Ease
Orfit Ease is a product that contours easily to the anatomy with minimal handling and the assistance of gravity, yet offers extreme support and comfort. We recommend Orfit Ease for orthoses for immobilization and rheumatology patients.
Orfizip is a complete immobilization system, consisting of corsets, full body jackets, wrist, wrist-thumb and knee splints. Orfizip consists of thermoplastic material covered with an elastic fabric, and includes a zipper fastener.
Orfizip NS
Orfizip NS is extremely easy to mould and offers lightweight patient comfort as well as appropriate ventilation. The shape and design ensure a snug fit around the wrist. A zipper fastener for easy fitting, putting on and taking off is included.
Allfit contains small pellets of thermoplastic material. The pellets simply adhere together uniformly and also adhere well to other surface objects, allowing you to change the shape of utensils or to add components to orthoses.
Dynasyst – Dynamic Splinting
Dynasyst is our method of attaching outriggers to mobilization orthoses. Orfitubes are easy to bend into shape, and easily cut to length. Orthoses made with Dynasyst components are extremely supportive and aesthetically pleasing.
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