Get back in the game with Orfiguard
At the top of their game, athletes need to maintain singular focus. However, unforeseen facial injuries can throw them off course. This is where Orfiguard steps in, offering the necessary support for athletes to finish what they started.
Let them stick to their goal, we’ll stick to ours.
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“The mask is lightweight and comfortable, and the uniquely designed head strap is a true game-changer.”

Vanessa Blockmans (24), proud member of the Belgian National Female Hockey Team suffered a nose fracture four years ago. She was able to continue playing thanks to a face guard made from Orfit materials. Now, she is one of the first people ever to try our Orfiguard face protection mask.

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Orfiguard is a high precision protection mask, designed to safeguard the face after a facial injury, fracture, or other condition which requires protection of the nose, nose bridge, and or eye sockets. Orfiguard comes in a portable product kit with an effortless fabrication method for quick and easy application. This mask offers a universal fit that is trimmable and adjustable to the patient’s face anatomy for an optimal fit. The mask can be molded on the spot and your athlete can resume play with protection and dedication.
Additional info for medical professionals


  • Place a piece of Luxofoam on your patient’s nose bridge.
  • Activate the mask in a water bath or oven, and mold it on your patient’s face. Let the material harden.
  • If required, easily trim and adjust the mask with scissors for optimum fit.
  • Remove the nose foam. Add extra foams to the mask's contact points for more comfort.
  • Fasten the straps. Fit the mask one last time.