Tone reducing splint for intrinsic hand muscles

To reduce muscle tone by lowering the extensor reflex.

Hypertonia of the short hand muscles (brain injury)

Tip: this splint is available as a pre-cut.

Fabrication steps
Starting Position
Recommended products
Thickness mm (inches)
3,2 mm (1/8")
Perforations mm (inches)
Non Perforated
Mini Perforated
Macro Perforated

Bring the forearm in a vertical position and place the pattern over the palm of the hand, the first web space and the palmar surface of the thumb.


Bring the radial strip through the web space and stick it on the splint.


Adopt the desired position and leave to harden.


Finishing: Cut off any surplus material but take care to cut around the perforations.


  • One broad strap over the fingers (PIP)
  • One broad strap over the back of the hand
  • One strap over the thumb (optional)
  • One strap over the wrist (broad)
  • One strap over the forearm