The Proton Immobilization Device

HP PRO® the ideal solution for treating brain, head & neck and spinal tumours with proton therapy.

  • Low density
  • Homogeneous
  • For close range treatment
  • Stable
  • Reproducible
  • Comfortable
Base plates

The carbon fibre base plates are narrow in the head and neck area, allowing for close range positions of the treatment device. The base plates are lightweight with good dosimetric properties.

Full range
Head supports

A personalised head support can be created with a Moldcare cushion. The cushion is attached to a head support indexing plate in order to create a reproducible set-up on a daily basis.

Full range

To ensure that the head of the patient is correctly positioned, and prior to moulding the mask, a cranial back-stop is attached to the cup-like head rest part of the base plate.

A set of hand holds is available to comfortably position the hands, arms and shoulders of the patient.

Full range

The masks are unique thanks to their patented locking mechanism. Comfort and stability are guaranteed by the use of Orfit’s Nanor thermoplastic material.

Full range
Paediatric assortment

A complete paediatric product line, with a product range for patients between 0 and 7 years old with a base plate and masks and a product range for patients between 8 and 16 years old.

Full range
Product Features
Patented mask locking mechanism
No sharp corners or edges
Nanor thermoplastic material for optimal stability and comfort
Personalised head support
Available for MRI
Light weight
Head rest indexing plate
Paediatric product line

The HP PRO Solution by Orfit is one of the best for head and neck/brain patients in the proton world. It is very user friendly and compatible with most of our setups. My favorite feature is the ability to remold a mask if it doesn’t mold to the patient correctly the first time. I have remolded mask various times to get perfect patient alignment. The head rest indexing plates are also a nice touch to the system to ensure the Moldcare doesn’t slip when the patient is being positioned. The sleek, light weight design of the base plate itself allows a minimal air gap which is essential to reduce penumbra for base of skull treatments. I have personally recommended the HP PRO system to proton centers from Miami to the site in the Netherlands.

Where to buy?
HP PRO Head and Neck Mask Moulding Poster

Download this HP PRO Head and Neck Mask moulding poster and pin it on the wall in your simulation area.

HP PRO Head, Neck and Shoulders Mask Moulding Poster

Download this HP PRO Head, Neck and Shoulders Mask moulding poster and pin it on the wall in your simulation area.

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