High Precision Immobilization

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The Orfit High Precision Patient Immobilization Systems are an active component in achieving a high quality radiation therapy.

  • Thermoplastics with superior moulding properties that result in a high but comfortable degree of patient immobilization.
  • Very stable mask preventing chin-drop and shoulder rotation.
  • Memory effect which allows the user to remould a finished mask as needed. This provides significant flexibility for modification during a patient treatment or simply to save on waste.
  • Thinner masks resulting in less absorption and increased skin sparing.
  • Positioning blocks and wedges that effectively support different neck shapes and allow for flexion and extension positioning of the head.
  • Quick release system allows for fast and safe removal of the mask from the patient.

The High Precision Patient Immobilization Systems are a unique combination of high precision masks, high precision head supports, blocks & wedges, high precision hardware and high precision accessories.