Orfit 3-points Open Face Hybrid Masks are compatible with Vision RT

After a thorough evaluation, Vison RT confirmed that the Orfit 3-points Open Face Hybrid Masks are compatible with its AlignRT® tracking system. The mask is capable of being used to provide sufficient surface tracking data for Vision RT tracking during SRS treatment delivery.

Vision RT compatible

The open surface of the open face mask is very important for tracking with AlignRT® and differs slightly from the standard Orfit guidelines, when not using a tracking device. Anatomical landmarks of the patient should be used to ensure ideal size of the opening. For real-time tracking within the masks opening, it is ideal to include the cheeks, cheekbones and as much data as possible down the hairline. The region of interest (ROI) should extend as far lateral as possible to the anterior of the tragus (ear) and also include the brows and cheeks.

Read more about our thermoplastic Open Face Masks on the Orfit website or contact us for more details about these products.

Find more information about Vision RT on their website.

Disclaimer Vision RT


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