The Extremities Solution

Art. N°: 32103

Orfit offers a complete immobilization solution, specifically designed for fixation of extremities in a reproducible way.

The system consists of a low density carbon fibre base plate and leg support, two comfort cushions and five dedicated masks. The base plate can be indexed to any couch top on 2-pin bars and has multiple holes to offer a maximum versatility for positioning and immobilizing both upper and lower extremities.


When using the leg support, one leg can be lifted and placed out of the treatment field. Masks can be made on the leg support as well as on the base plate itself. Foam cushions are placed under the knee and heel to provide patient comfort.

Upper extremities can be immobilized while the patient is lying on the couch, or sitting next to it. In both cases, masks are made over the elbow and hand to obtain an immobilization with excellent reproducibility. Comfort cushions are used under the elbow and hand for patient comfort.