About Orfit

Based on innovative technologies, Orfit develops and produces the most precise and reliable thermoplastic materials for medical devices that improve patient treatment around the world.

The Orfit team provides

Immobilization systems for cancer patients in Radiation Oncology

Orthotic fabrication materials for patients in Physical Rehabilitation

Prosthetic socket materials for amputee patients


Orfit Industries: where innovation meets tradition


From 1959 onwards, Leon Van Malderen established himself as a pioneer in monofilament technology, specializing in crafting high-performance strings for racquet sports and precision medical sutures.

In 1981, Leon’s vision expanded as Orfit Industries emerged, pioneering the production of thermoplastic sheets for the medical device market. ORthopaedic FITting (ORFIT) was born, revolutionizing patient care in rehabilitation and radiation oncology.

In 1991 Christine van Malderen and Steven Cuypers took over the day-to-day business at Orfit Industries, marking the second generation.

Today, Orfit remains dedicated in its commitment to quality, innovation, and service in the hands of the third generation.

“We are grateful for the entrepreneurial spirit our grandfather instilled in us. He continues to be a source of inspiration.”

– Matthias, Emilie, and Chloé Cuypers.

Work for us
Everything under 1 roof assures quality
We are unique in our industry because we are the only company that has the entire process of R&D, Production, Quality Assurance and Sales & Training under one roof.
Latest technology benefits patients and medical professionals
Our R&D and Production Teams use the latest technologies both with respect to materials and production methods so that patients and clinicians are assured of an excellent clinical outcome.
Worldwide sales and distribution network provides access to everyone
Orfit products are available in over 100 countries on all continents through a network of subsidiaries, specialized distributors and private label companies.
Teaching and education
Thanks to their smart design, Orfit products contain a great number of features that result in an optimal functioning, both for patients and medical professionals. Through workshops, product training sessions and product installations, we assist our customers in assuring that they get the best out of our products, both clinically and technically.
Our Values
  • Customer driven
    We offer products and provide education that meet customer needs and expectations.
  • Quality
    We offer superior product quality and service on a daily basis.
  • Orfit Team
    We care about our people. The Orfit team is key to success.
  • Long term vision
    Think long term, act and invest accordingly.
  • Continuous improvement
    Understand, learn, educate and innovate.
  • Integrity
    Be honest and trustworthy.
in immobilization systems for radiation oncology
in orthotic fabrication for physical rehabilitation
in prosthetic and orthotic thermoplastic materials
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