Orfit offers an extensive range of accessories to increase help ensure precision and reproducibility with maximum patient comfort. Our selection includes:

Vacuum Bags: Not all vacuum bags are the same. Orfit’s bags are narrower and longer than conventional vacuum bags, which enables much more intimate contouring to the patient’s
anatomy. Patients appreciate the difference.

Moldcare: Not only do Moldcare cushions help with precise patient placement, they also provide personalized support and stability to keep patients more comfortable during treatments.

Bite Blocks: Designed to decrease head and neck rotation, flexion and extension, Orfit bite blocks conform to the patients teeth for maximized stability. A dual airway lets patients breathe easily for more comfort and less stress.

Bolus Materials: For lesions on or near the surface of the skin, bolus material can help improve the radiation dosage to the site. Orfit bolus sheets and pellets have a low melting temperature, so they’re easy to mold and can be layered to create thicker bolus sheets, if needed.

Full Body Cushion for CyberKnife: For treatment of the spine and thorax without compromising the patients’ arms, the full body cushion for the CyberKnife couch top supports the patient in a supine position with the arms out of the field of treatment.

Comfort Cushions: When patients are facing a cancer diagnosis, the thought of treatment can be scary and overwhelming. Orfit’s foam cushions help provide a better treatment experience by maximizing comfort, so patients feel more calm and stable.

Heating Devices: Orfit thermoplastic masks are molded to a custom, personalized fit for each patient. The masks are heated in either a water bath or dry-heat convection oven and molded to fit the patient, ensuring the perfect combination of immobility and comfort.

Cleaning Products: To keep Orfit masks hygienic and safe and keep Orfit hardware in optimal working condition, it’s important to use the proper cleaning products and recommended cleaning procedures.

Storage Solutions: A tidy and neat treatment environment goes a long way to support patients with a more comfortable experience. Orfit offers portable cabinets as well as wall and floor systems to keep the department better organized.

Fixation Devices: Ensuring precise treatment positions and reproducibility requires fixation devices such as indexing bars, adapter plates and more. Use our device finder to know which devices you need to secure a particular base plate to a specific couch top.

Lasers & QA Equipment: Ensure exact marking of reproducible patient positioning with the precision of laser systems. You’ll also find equipment for quality assurance for the repeated machine and treatment plan QA that’s required by law.

Repair Kit: If carbon fiber base plates receive minor damage due to everyday wear and tear, Orfit offers a carbon fiber repair kit that contains adhesive patches that adhere to small holes and cuts, allowing simple repairs.

Pediatric Accessories: In addition to a full range of pediatric immobilization products for patients up to 12 years of age, Orfit also offers interactive educational aids that explain radiation therapy in child-friendly terms, helping minimize anxiety during treatment.