The AIO Solution® 3.0

All-in-One modular system to fulfill the immobilization and positioning needs of each RT department, big or small.


Three different modules turn The AIO Solution into a modular system that upgrades or downsizes to meet your specific requirements for patient positioning and immobilization. Treat patients with lesions in brain, head and neck, thorax, lung and pelvis, in a precise, reproducible and comfortable way.


Head & Neck and Breast & Lung immobilization with one base plate and cushion set.


Why choose The AIO Solution?

  • Create an ergonomic workplace: lightweight for RTT and easy to manipulate with one hand only.
  • Easy to use: all products index easily together and on the couch.
  • Fast set-up: fast build-up and build-down for maximum patient throughput and a limited amount of accessories.
  • Optimal reproducibility: every product is indexed reproducibly.
  • High durability: durable coating on the cushions that is easy to clean
  • MR safe: all products exist in an MR safe version.
  • Compact: fits a small-bore CT (minimum 65 cm – 25.59”) and has a limited height to be close to the MR coil for optimal image quality.
  • Comfort for patient: patients are positioned on top of a cushion.

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Storage Solution

A dedicated storage solution maximizes efficiency while promoting a neat and tidy treatment environment.

The AIO 3.0 Storage Cabinet (38215) is ideal for storing the AIO 3.0 base plates, head supports, cushions, and accessories. All components have their own dedicated slot.

The wheeled cabinet is easy to move and maneuver when needed.


Discover the modules: