The AIO Solution® 3.0

All-in-One modular system to fulfill the immobilization and positioning needs of each RT department, big or small.


Three different modules turn The AIO Solution into a modular system that upgrades or downsizes to meet your specific requirements for patient positioning and immobilization. Treat patients with lesions in brain, head and neck, thorax, lung and pelvis, in a precise, reproducible and comfortable way.


Head & Neck and Breast & Lung immobilization with one base plate and cushion set.


Why choose The AIO Solution?

  • Create an ergonomic workplace: lightweight for RTT and easy to manipulate with one hand only.
  • Easy to use: all products index easily together and on the couch.
  • Fast set-up: fast build-up and build-down for maximum patient throughput and a limited amount of accessories.
  • Optimal reproducibility: every product is indexed reproducibly.
  • High durability: durable coating on the cushions that is easy to clean
  • MR compatible: all products exist in an MR compatible version.
  • Compact: fits a small-bore CT (minimum 65 cm – 25.59”) and has a limited height to be close to the MR coil for optimal image quality.
  • Comfort for patient: patients are positioned on top of a cushion.

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