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The AIO Solution 3.0: One Solution for All Your Immobilization Needs

Efficast 3-points head immobilization mask – instructional video

Efficast 5-points head, neck and shoulders immobilization mask – instructional video

3-points open face hybrid mask – instructional video

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The Orfit Extremities Solution at City of Hope
Comfortable Immobilization for More Accurate Treatments
City of Hope, one of the leading cancer centers in the United States, uses the Orfit Extremities Solution to immobilize patients’ hands, arms, feet, and legs, resulting in more effective and more efficient treatments.
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Three Ways to Deliver Maximum Patient Comfort in Cancer Care
A cancer diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming. That's why supporting patient comfort during the treatment process is such an important component in delivering high-quality cancer care. We discuss three ways providers can deliver maximum patient comfort.
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