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"Hand therapy is more than a profession — it's a commitment to restoring hope and helping patients regain their full potential"

Hand therapy treats conditions of the hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders by combining anatomy, physiology, and therapy techniques. Hand therapists play a key role in restoring function and improving patients’ lives.

They use exercises, manual therapy, splinting, and injury prevention education to help patients regain strength and independence.

Hand therapists collaborate with surgeons and other healthcare professionals for personalized treatment plans.

Hand Therapy Week celebrates their dedication and expertise in physical and emotional recovery.

Orfit supports Hand Therapy Week, organized by the American Society of Hand Therapists (ASHT) in early June, to raise awareness and honor these professionals.

Hand therapy is more than a profession — it’s a commitment to restoring hope and helping patients achieve their full potential. This week, let’s appreciate the heroes of hand therapy who tirelessly work to heal and empower!

Hand therapy can change lives

The story of professional Golf Player Dana Fall

LPGA Tour professional Dana Fall was told that there was nothing to do to help with her thumb pain. She contacted Orfit and our product specialist Debby brought her in contact with a hand therapist close to her. Upper Hand Therapy diagnosed Dana with thumb hyper mobility. They met Dana at her golf practice facility to fabricate a custom splint made out of Orficast that fits inside her golfing glove which gave her the extra stability she needs.

Dana Fall about her injury before treatment: I had a thumb injury occur and it turns out my MCP Thumb Joint is hyperextending in my golf swing and that is what was causing my pain.

Upper Hand Therapy about her injury after treatment: Shout out to Orfit Industries for having a soft but sturdy material that doesn’t shear the skin!

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Splinting Spark Webinar Series assortment image


Splinting Spark Webinar Series assortment image


The story of a musician who did not want to give up on his music

Hyperextension of the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb can occur in various activities: playing the guitar, for example.

In cases like this one, activity analysis and clinical reasoning guide custom designs, enabling patients to engage in beloved activities without compromise.

“There is no ready-made model. There is activity analysis – our main tool as TOs – and a lot of clinical reasoning at play.” 

Tailored orthotic solutions go beyond tradition.

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