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Orfit Industries has been providing immobilization systems for radiation oncology for more than 25 years already.

We bring innovation into this highly specialized market like no other company does, with a clear understanding of the needs of RT specialists and their teams, the patient’s comfort and the requirements of the authorities.

Our thermoplastic masks immobilize a patient effectively to a point where movement is limited to less than 1.5 millimetre. Combining Orfit thermoplastic masks with our hardware systems will result in optimal precision, comfort and reproducibility when immobilizing and positioning patients.


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Stereotactic Head & Neck Solution

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HP PRO Solution

A proton friendly immobilization device
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MammoRx Patient Positioning Systems

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Zephyr Patient Positioning and Transfer Systems

Available in USA, Canada, France, Germany and Benelux
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Product Information & Education

Visit our Product Information & Education page for properties of our thermoplastic materials, dosimetric properties, instructional videos and regulatory documents.


Orfit 3-points Open Face Hybrid Masks are compatible with Vision RT

After a thorough evaluation, Vison RT confirmed that the Orfit 3-points Open Face Hybrid Masks are compatible with Vision RT products.
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An Independent study confirms the antibacterial properties of Orfit’s thermoplastic material.

A team of researchers at the University of South Alabama (Mobile, AL) investigated the bacterial attachment/survival of four different bacteria on Orfit’s thermoplastic material.
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An analysis of patient comfort during head and neck radiotherapy.

Physical comfort, mental perception and passivity

Goldsworthy et al explored patient experiences of comfort during radiotherapy for head and neck cancer. The study was published in the journal of Radiotherapy in Practice. In the following blogpost we give an overview of a few options to enhance the patients comfort, following the three aspects of this study.
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3rd SEETRO Regional Congress of South East European Technology in Radiation Oncology

Sofia, Bulgaria

ASRT Radiation Therapy Conference

San Diego, CA

ASTRO 2017

San Diego, CA