How to Keep My Orthosis Clean and Hygienic?

Cleaning my orthosis or splint

With hand hygiene being so important at this time, we gathered our product specialists (by email of course) for all their best tips on keeping your or your patient’s orthosis squeaky clean and hygienic.

We’ve asked all the important questions we could come up with. Have any other questions? Send us a message @contact


How do I clean my orthosis on a daily basis?

Give your orthosis a good wash with lukewarm water and a gentle hand or dish soap.

Apply the same rules as you would when washing your hands.


  1. Wet the orthosis by holding it under streaming water or by wetting your hands and applying the water to the orthosis.
  2. Pump some soap onto your hands to create a foam and then apply the foam onto the wet orthosis.
  3. Rub the orthosis down for 30 to 60 seconds (depending on the size) and make sure to apply the soap to every area of the orthosis.
  4. Rinse the soap off the orthosis.
  5. Pat and wipe the orthosis dry with a fresh towel or cloth.

Tip! Don’t use a hair dryer on the hot setting to dry the orthosis as it might cause the thermoplastic material to melt. Do not place your orthosis in the dryer or on the heating for quicker drying.

In between washes, you can wipe your orthosis down just as you would do with your laptop and door handles.

Is your Orthosis made from Orficast? Be aware that it will stay wet for quite a while. Read more tips on keeping your Orficast orthosis clean here <<


How do I deep clean my orthosis?

Once a week (or as many times as you’d like) you can deep clean your orthosis by washing it in the washing machine.

This applies for Orficast orthoses as well.


  1. Close the hook and loop straps or remove them if possible.
  2. Place the orthosis in a washing bag for sensitive garments.
  3. Put the orthosis in between your regular laundry (preferably a color wash).
  4. Use a mild detergent on 30°C (65° – 85° F) or a cold cycle.

Tip! Do not place your orthosis in the dryer or on the heating for quicker drying.


How many times should I clean my orthosis?

As much as you’d like. Be aware that after washing, the hook and loop straps (Velcro) will be wet for a while. An Orficast or Orficast More orthosis will take some time to dry as well.

* During this unique time we might advise leaving your orthosis at home while doing your necessary errands, depending on the diagnosis of your injury (please inquire with your doctor or treating therapist).
If you have to wear your orthosis during your work/at work, try to wear a protective glove to prevent contamination during the day.

The orthosis can also be covered during your daily routine with a long sock that has the tip removed and a hole made for the thumb.


Can my orthosis handle anti-bacterial gels?

Your thermoplastic orthosis should be able to handle any mainstream disinfectant gels that you apply on your hands.

Please do not use rubbing alcohol on the material.