Orficast is a unique, textile-like thermoplastic orthotic fabrication material on a roll. It offers high comfort for your patients and is very easy to use. A large variety in widths and thicknesses enables you to treat a wide range of pathologies and to accommodate different orthotic designs. Orficast More can be used to fabricate a volar or dorsal slab for increased rigidity.


  • Thermoplastic material on a 3-metre roll.
  • Excellent elasticity in two directions.
  • Adaptable when needed.
  • Thin and breathable fabric-like material.
  • Easy to cut.
  • Self-adhesive capacity, especially when dry heated.
  • Available in a thin (Orficast) and a thick (Orficast More) version, in different widths and colours.

How it looks and works

  • Material on a roll allows circumferential wrapping and moulding techniques.
  • Time saving. No need to make a pattern.
  • Perfect size/width for small and larger orthoses. Can accommodate different sized fingers and different orthotic designs. The wider Orficast More can be used to fabricate a volar or dorsal slab or a circumferential orthosis.
  • The material is easily stretched to conform to the patient’s unique anatomy.
  • Orthoses can be adapted when corrections are needed (avoids waste of material).
  • Soft feeling and smooth edges.
  • The material is lightweight and allows ventilation (prevents maceration of the skin).
  • Excellent patient comfort and compliance.
  • Small pieces can be used as reinforcement of the orthoses when desired.
  • Overlapping seams are not perceptible on the inside.
  • Precise moulding and a snug fit prevent pressure points.

Recommended applications

    • Perfect to use in case of traumatic and orthopaedic conditions which require quick and easy orthoses.
    • Recommended as first aid product for quick immobilization and stabilization after injury.
    • Serial static orthoses and static progressive orthoses to regain range of motion of smaller joints.
    • Recommended for children, newborns, patients with fragile skin and/or arthritic conditions.
    • All types of immobilization for finger, hand, wrist, and for orthoses that go beyond the wrist or even ankle orthoses.


Orficast is ideal for all applications such as finger and/or thumb orthoses.

Orficast is available in two widths: 3 cm (1.18″) and 6 cm (2.5″).

Orficast Orange, Blue and Black in 6 cm

Full finger immobilization and wrap in Orficast Black


Thicker than our original Orficast, the innovative “More” version gives you the ability to meet an extensive range of orthotic applications.

The increased material thickness avoids the need to use two layers for rigid orthoses and provides a longer working time.

Orficast More is available in four widths: 6 cm (2.5″), 12 cm (5”), 15 cm (6″) and 30 cm (12″).

Orficast More Blue in 6 cm, 12 cm, 15 cm and 30 cm

Muenster orthosis in Orficast More Blue 30 cm and Orficast More Black 12 cm

Orthotic fabrication examples

A wide variety of orthotic designs can be made without great effort, even by less experienced therapists.

  • Thumb post orthosis, using the butterfly design
  • CMC arthritis orthosis, using the whale design
  • Ulnar gutter and radial gutter orthosis
  • Manchester orthosis

Orficast More is ideal for the fabrication of larger orthoses that go beyond the wrist.

  • De Quervain orthosis / Thumb-wrist opponens orthosis
  • Muenster orthosis
  • Volar wrist cock-up orthosis
  • Ankle support
  • Lightweight elbow support






Product Information & Education

Visit our Useful Information & Educate Yourself pages for instructional videos, upcoming splinting workshops, guides for the fabrication of static and dynamic splints and frequently asked questions.

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