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Orfit Flex NS is a very flexible and highly conforming material that forms a fairly sturdy and supportive end product. The best method for moulding Orfit Flex NS is to let gravity assist as the product is highly drapable.  The new NS coating allows for moulding directly over bandages.


  • High drapability and high rigidity.
  • Coated material.
  • Low resistance to stretch.
  • Long working time.
  • Minimal elastic memory.
  • Soft touch velvet feeling.
  • Less UV sensitive.

How it works and looks

  • Contours easily to the anatomy. High precision contouring prevents pressure points. Use gravity assisted positions in order to make larger orthoses. Well-fitting and comfortable orthoses.
  • Coating allows for temporary bonding during fabrication. Reliable permanent bonding is possible after removing the coating and using dry heat. All attachments and outriggers can be applied with maximum ease. Prevents the material from sticking onto bandages or cotton lining. No accidental bonding.
  • Minimal handling required.
  • Allows to take extra care of correct positioning.
  • Easy handling.
  • Increased patient comfort and compliance.
  • Long lasting and aesthetically pleasing surface finish.

Recommended applications

  • Excellent to make dorsal gutters without putting pressure onto the articulations. All orthoses where excellent support and intimate fit are required.
  • Suitable to fabricate corrective orthoses which demand high precision moulding.
  • Especially recommended for the treatment of rheumatic conditions.















Product Information & Education

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