Tecnofit, an elastic based thermoplastic, is suitable for wrist, hand, thumb and finger splints. Tecnofit can also be used as a supportive orthotic bracing material for lower limbs, cervical collars, and full body jackets.


  • Transparent when activated.
  • Excellent stretch (1000 %) without tearing.
  • Excellent elastic memory (100 %).
  • Easy to trim edges.

How it works and looks

  • Transparency indicates when the material is ready to mould. Allows for proper alignment and visual monitoring over anatomical landmarks.
  • Very precise moulding conforms to patient anatomy, for example in the hand arches and first web space. Accurate moulding improves correct dispersion of skin pressure.
  • Temporary adhesion during splint fabrication and reliable permanent bonding by using dry heat. Tackiness helps orthosis stay in place during fabrication. All attachments and outriggers can be adhered easily. Aesthetically pleasing shiny white surface.
  • Completely remouldable and can be adjusted easily over reheating locally. Avoids waste of material.
  • Extreme patient comfort.

Recommended applications

  • Tecnofit has unlimited potential for the fabrication of all size splints with extra care and prevention of pressure points.
  • Thumb orthoses, hand orthoses, wrist/thumb orthoses, elbow orthoses, cervical collars, body jackets.
  • Large orthoses, long arm orthoses, AFO’s and fracture bracing.
  • Excellent as a base for different attachments.
Product Information & Education

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