AIO Solution 3.0 Compatible for Use with Varian Medical Systems Halcyon™ and Ethos™ Radiotherapy Systems

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Wijnegem, Belgium, September 30, 2021As part of the Varian Interoperability Program, Orfit is pleased to announce today that its AIO Solution 3.0 is compatible for use with Halcyon™ and Ethos™ radiotherapy systems. 

The AIO Solution 3.0 all-in-one patient positioning system facilitates and refines treatments by limiting potential changes to the patient’s position. Orfit has designed a base plate specifically for the Halcyon and Ethos couches with a tailored Loxon set to index the base plate to the couch.  

“It is important for product manufacturers in radiation oncology to work together in partnership to support more accurate treatments and increased patient comfort,” said Emilie Cuypers, Product Manager at Orfit. “This solution allows clinics to use the complete range of Orfit’s AIO 3.0 accessories for breast, lung, head and neck, and other treatment areas.”  

“Varian is committed to ensuring our products and services consistently work with ancillary devices to enable flexibility within clinical workflows,” explained Ben Moga, Director, Strategic Alliances, Varian.

The following Orfit products are compatible on Halcyon version 2.0 or later and Ethos Radiotherapy System version 3.0 or later: 

  • AIO Solution 3.0 CFL Base Plate for Halcyon and Ethos (Orfit Art No. 38009) 
  • AIO Solution 3.0 Long Extension Frame for knee and foot support (Orfit Art No. 38210) 
  • AIO Solution 3.0 Loxon Set for Varian Halcyon and Ethos Couches (Orfit Art No. 38212)  
  • 2 Pin Bar for base plate to couch fixation (Orfit Art No. 32166)

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