How to Clean and Disinfect Orfit Masks and Hardware

Hygienic measures to protect the health of patients and staff

With the novel Corona Virus impacting us globally, excellent hygiene has become more important than ever. At Orfit, we want to help where we can and inform you on the best ways to clean and disinfect the Orfit masks and hardware at your radiotherapy facility.

Taking extra care when it comes to hygiene at this time, will help to prevent the spread of diseases and keep both patients and staff healthy and safe.


Keeping masks and hardware clean and disinfected

All Orfit masks and hardware (cushions, base plates, head supports…) can be cleaned and disinfected with isopropanol- and ethanol-based disinfectants, applied with a soft cloth.

Make sure to clean Orfit masks when you notice contamination. If you clean the pre-cuts on a regular basis, you can remove the layer of dead bacteria that may have formed on the mask.


Note on COVID-19: the World Health Organization notes that “surfaces in all environments in which COVID-19 patients receive care (treatment units, community care centers) should be cleaned at least once a day and when a patient is discharged.”

> At this time, the WHO recommends using a 70% ethyl alcohol solution to disinfect small areas between uses. Sodium hypochlorite at 0.5% (equivalent to 5000 ppm) can be used to disinfect surfaces.
Read the full publication on hygiene by the WHO.


Suitable products to clean and disinfect Orfit materials

Do not use aerosol sprays, corrosive cleaning agents, solvents, or abrasive detergents. Avoid products with bleach as these can discolor masks and damage the coating of head supports and cushions.

Unsure about the cleaning solution? Do not use it or contact your Orfit distributor. We will verify if the cleaning solution is safe to use and will keep you informed.

> The Cleaning Instructions below show the basic Orfit cleaning guidelines at a glance. Keep this document at hand to know which cleaning products to use and which ones to avoid.

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Cleaning guide to clean and disinfect Orfit Products


How often to clean and disinfect Orfit masks/hardware

We recommend strictly following the cleaning standards and policies at your hospital to guarantee optimal hygiene.


Lesen Sie hier die Reinigungs- und Desinfektionshinweise auf Deutsch.


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