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Strategies for Treating 70+ Patients Daily on a Single LINAC.

High Volume, High Efficiency

Wijnegem, June 11, 2024 – Prakash Umbarkar, a senior radiation therapist at Mumbai’s P.D. Hinduja National Hospital provides his perspective on the company’s immobilization and positioning solutions. Part of the Hinduja Group, P. D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre is topmost ranked among the leading multi-specialty tertiary care hospitals in India. For more than 70 years, the institute has worked to ensure that world-class healthcare delivery is provided to all. The Radiation Oncology division, established in 1998, was among the first to implement advanced technologies. Hinduja Hospital has a Varian TrueBeam machine, primarily used for traditional treatments – such as 3DCRT, VMAT, IMRT, DIBH, SBRT, 4DRT SRT, and prone breast – as well as various high-precision treatment techniques. The daily average treatment volume is 65-70 patients.

Prakash Umbarkar has been a senior radiation therapist at Hinduja Hospital since 2012.

Prakash Umbarkar

Prakash Umbarkar,
M.Sc. Physics, PGDRTT

Executive Senior Radiation Therapist
P.D Hinduja National Hospital Mumbai, India

What is your role at P. D. Hinduja Hospital?

Collaborating with oncologists and physicists, my responsibility is to deliver precise radiation doses to target areas, while minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissues. Given the high patient volume, accomplishing this is a constant challenge, as is ensuring patient comfort and safety.

Which Orfit products do you employ at your site?

The most common treatment areas are breast, head-and-neck, brain, thorax, and pelvis. For these, we utilize The AIO Solution from Orfit, individually customized to each patient and treatment approach.

When did Hinduja Hospital start using Orfit solutions?

Orfit products are renowned for their precision and patient comfort. Recognizing the potential to enhance patient positioning and immobilization, we started using Orfit products in 1998. This decision was inspired by the hospital’s commitment to innovation and patient-centric care.

What were the primary goals when choosing these products?

Enhancing treatment accuracy, improving patient comfort, and streamlining the overall treatment process. The AIO Solution and other Orfit products met all these criteria.

What have you found most valuable about Orfit solutions?

Previously, we had to use different devices for different treatments, but Orfit solutions have simplified our workflow by providing the same accessories for most treatments. The cushions are incredibly soft, and the whole setup is lightweight, which helps reduce fatigue during setup and lowers accident risk by making it easier to see and move around.

With smart indexing, we can quickly set up for each treatment session, and the products are compatible with all our equipment. Patients need fewer adjustments or extra support now, which our therapists appreciate. Some patients have even said how comfortable they feel using it.

What else do you like about Orfit products?

Their versatility and ease of use, which enable the use of customized solutions tailored to the patient’s needs. The ability to conform precisely to patient anatomy ensures optimal positioning and immobilization, which facilitate enhanced treatment precision and patient comfort. Our radiation therapists appreciate the reliability and form-fitting nature of Orfit products, as they contribute to accurate positioning and reproducibility during treatments.

Furthermore, Orfit provides excellent service – they ensure that users are trained onsite, with hands-on training and demonstration from clinical and dosimetric perspectives. Orfit is open to user feedback or suggestions on how to improve their products.

What are opportunities for future improvement?

Ongoing product refinement and exploration of advanced materials to optimize durability and enhance the patient experience. Additionally, there could be further customization options, such as enhanced moldability or integrated support features, to accommodate diverse patient anatomies and treatment modalities.

What do you think is the biggest difference for your practice since going live with Orfit solutions?

Orfit products have significantly enhanced safety standards by facilitating precise patient positioning, minimizing treatment errors, and reducing radiation exposure to healthy tissues. Patients are now more comfortable and less anxious during radiation therapy sessions, leading to a more positive experience.

The biggest difference for our practice has been operational improvements. Orfit products have streamlined our workflow processes, resulting in improved efficiency and resource utilization. They have enabled us to treat a higher volume of patients without compromising on care quality.

The adoption of Orfit products and The AIO Solution has been instrumental in elevating the standard of care at Hinduja Hospital’s radiation oncology department. Through continuous innovation and a commitment to excellence, we have enhanced treatment precision and patient comfort while elevating the overall standard of care in our practice. As we continue to embrace advancements in technology and patient-centric approaches, we remain dedicated to improving outcomes and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those battling cancer.

Pioneering the Future of Patient Care: Ensuring the Right Patient, Right Immobilization, the Right Way. Because our patients’ trust is our most valuable asset.

About P. D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre

Part of the Hinduja Group, P. D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre is ranked among the leading multi-specialty tertiary care hospitals in India. For more than 70 years, the institute has worked to ensure that world-class healthcare delivery is provided to all.

P. D. Hinduja Hospital has always been an early adopter of technology in care delivery; it is among India’s first few hospitals to implement the most advanced, fully integrated robotics system, Leksell Gamma Knife®, Digital Broadband MRI with ambient themes, and TrueBeam linear accelerator. With a quality care focus, it also was one of the first hospitals accredited and certified by NABH, CAP, and ISO. P. D. Hinduja Hospital continues to partner with leading international institutes, the latest an arrangement with The Division of AIDS (NIAID, NIH), U.S.A, to establish a centre of excellence for infectious disease research in India.

The hospital has consistently earned several Best Multi-Specialty Hospital awards by different industry bodies. In the 2020 and 2021 Newsweek World’s Best Hospital Survey, P. D. Hinduja Hospital was ranked first in western India, third among private hospitals in India and sixth among all Indian hospitals.

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