The Orfit Extremities Solution at City of Hope

Comfortable Immobilization for More Accurate Treatments

Keeping patients properly positioned for imaging and radiotherapy treatments can be tricky. Patient repositioning can result in setup errors that may render treatments ineffective or, worse, harmful.

Orfit’s Extremities Solution makes it easier to achieve immobilization of the hands, arms, feet, and legs. As a result, the system enables more effective treatment by preventing patient repositioning, while simultaneously making sessions more comfortable.

City of Hope is one leading cancer center that uses the Extremities Solution to ensure more accurate and more comfortable treatment for their patients.



City of Hope

Founded in 1913, City of Hope is a leader in cancer care and an NCI-designated cancer center.

The team at City of Hope strives to provide each patient with an individualized, comprehensive care experience and deliver the highest quality treatment and expertise possible. Supporting patient comfort is paramount. City of Hope actively participates in cancer research and innovation, incorporating the latest technologies in their treatment programs. As a result, City of Hope consistently achieves higher survival rates and better outcomes compared to other cancer institutions.

Testimonial: User Experience of the Orfit Extremities Solution

Among the tools City of Hope uses in cancer treatments is the Orfit Extremities Solution. Razmig Zovigian, Lead Radiation Therapist/MRI/CT at City of Hope described the workflow before and after Orfit:

“Before using Orfit, our process for positioning our patients for imaging and treatment on the extremities used to be a lot more complicated, involving several vacuum bags, custom cushions, and tape. With the Orfit device, our physicians have better access for tight posterior tumors. We like to position the affected leg down, which is more reproducible, especially over multiple fractions. Our doctors also request this board for many of our lower extremity treatments, when the margins are tight and immobilization is critical. For us, it’s all about using the system that will ensure the most accurate treatment for the patients under our care.”

The clinical team at City of Hope primarily uses the Orfit Extremities Solution for IMRT or SBRT treatments. As Zovigian mentioned, typically they position patients with the affected leg down because it’s more reproducible. Most care providers, on the other hand, position patients with the affected leg up. So that’s a point to consider when treating the extremities and sarcomas.

Zovigian also described how he appreciates the versatility of the indexing holes on the Orfit Extremities Solution. They give him and the care team the ability to create a fast setup that is not only effective for a patient but also very comfortable. It’s a win-win for the patient and the care team.


How the Orfit Extremities Solution Works

The Orfit Extremities Solution consists of the following components:

The base plate, which can be indexed to any couch top on 2-pin bars, has multiple holes that allow for comprehensive options in immobilizing both upper and lower extremities. The comfort cushions help keep the patient comfortably immobilized, resulting in a more precise treatment that saves set-up time.

Once you establish the best position for the patient, you can record the components used and the positioning of masks and pins on the Patient Set-up Form. It’s easy to set up multiple fractions because you can easily reproduce the exact patient placement using the information in the Set-up Form, saving substantial time.

Learn more about using the Orfit Extremities Solution at your center on the Extremities page or in the leaflet.


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