Raf the Giraffe – Available in the Benelux and France
Playful guidance package for young cancer patients.

This guidance package offers an explanation about the radiation therapy treatment in a playful manner. This can eliminate worry and give confidence in the healing process.

The ‘Raf the Giraffe’ box was carefully put together to answer a lot of questions a child may have, which aids in the therapy and care. In the box you will find a stuffed hand puppet who will be able to charm any child, a do-book with a straightforward story and drawings to explain all the elements of radiation therapy treatment.

The box also contains a small thermoplastic immobilization mask that the child or the attendant can apply to Raf the Giraffe to explain why he or she will need this immobilization mask. A calendar with stickers will give the child some perspective about the timeline of the treatment.

Because the patient understands the treatment and knows what will happen, anxiety might lessen and we hope narcosis won’t be necessary during the course of the treatment.

At the end the child will receive a well-deserved diploma.