U-Plast for UON/DUON is made from a specially formulated low melting temperature thermoplastic meant for patient immobilization in radiation oncology applications and it therefore has controlled performance characteristics.


Features and benefits

Product range:

  • Material with high stretch for use in fixed frame masks (UON & DUON).
  • Available in different thicknesses.
  • Different perforation types for better skin ventilation.

Low activation temperature (65°C – 149°F):

  • No risk of skin burning for the user.
  • Can be moulded directly on the patient.
  • Does not become too soft or stretchy when overheated.
  • Can be activated in hot water or oven.
  • No special equipment necessary.
  • Short cooling time still allowing enough time for a correct moulding.
  • Cools down and hardens in a few minutes.

Non-stick coating:

  • For easy handling of the fixation mask during the moulding of the mask.
  • No risk of accidental bonding to the heating equipment or itself.
  • The material can be applied on the skin without moistening or lotioning.
  • No need to use silicone spray to prevent sticking.
  • When stuck to itself or to accessories, it can be pulled apart easily.
  • High comfort for the patient.

High mouldability:

  • Allows three-dimensional moulding with comfort and ease for both patient and user.

High elastic memory:

  • Remouldable: corrections are possible in case of error or changes in the anatomy of the patient.

Low shrinkage:

  • Keeps shape and size determined by the user during the moulding process.
  • No risk for excessive pressure or compression.

X-ray translucent:

  • Low attenuation.