AIO breast- and lungboard

This cushion set is designed to achieve a comfortable and reproducible supine position of the patient. This position is primarily used for the treatment of malignancies in the thorax and the abdomen. The set consists of wedges, with different angles to increase patient comfort, and arm rests to allow for a comfortable but reproducible positioning of the arms above the head and out of the treatment fields. Hand grips and head supports will further help in increasing the precision and in finding the correct patient position.


5°, 10° and 15° angled wedges lift the upper body of the patients and thereby facilitate breathing.

The coating of the cushions prevents the patient from sliding down.

The armrests (20° and 30° angle) have a flat top to support the total upper arm. This increases the patient’s comfort.

Lateral insert in the cushions allow the positioning of large patients.

Specially developed Efficast masks are used in combination with this set to increase the precision of the treatment. They effectively immobilize the patient in the treated areas by reducing translational and rotational movements.

The indexed head supports position the head in a reproducible way and function as an outstanding reference point for the exact position of the rest of the body.