Nanor® Immobilization Masks

Nanotechnology is the science and engineering carried out on a nanometre scale. At Orfit we discovered that nanotechnology could make a difference in the field of patient immobilization for radiation therapy.

A polymer matrix that shrinks once it has been cooled down to room temperature forms a traditional thermoplastic mask. A polymer matrix reinforced with nanoparticles forms a cluster network and makes the material more stable. It results in a mask with less shrinkage and hence less pressure on the patient’s face.

Blending the small nanoparticles into our thermoplastic mask material also establishes an ultra-rigid internal structure, which allows us to create a very strong mask with a thickness of only 1.6 mm.

Combining these benefits leads to a mask that is thinner, a mask that reduces the pressure on the patient’s face and a mask that adapts to minor patient swelling. It ensures better patient comfort while safeguarding the reproducibility and stability that is required for delivering high precision patient immobilization.

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