Tone reducing splint for long flexor muscles

To inhibit muscle tone by lowering the stretch reflex.

Hypertonia (spasticity) of the long flexor muscles.

Tip: this splint is available as a pre-cut.

Fabrication steps
Starting Position
Recommended products
Thickness mm (inches)
3,2 mm (1/8")
Non Perforated

Slide the pattern over the patient’s hand, ensuring that it is in the right L-R direction, and
slide the edge of the opening up to the wrist.


Fold both wings one after each other upwards, so that there is a gradual transition from the palmar to the dorsal side. Press them together to make them stick.


As the patients relaxes, gradually adopt the desired starting position.


After the material has hardened and the edges have been finished off, stick the thumb piece on top of the splint and give it the shape of the thumb (funnel shape).


After it has hardened, loosen the thumb piece, dry heat both contact surfaces and stick it back permanently.


Finishing: Pay careful attention to the perfect finishing of the edges, particularly the portion that lies along the first web space. Avoid any externoception tingling that could be caused by the splint.


  • a broad strap at the proximal end;
  • a broad strap over the PIP joints;
  • 2 narrow straps at the level of the thumb (first and second phalanx);
  • optionally, 1 narrow strap under the wrist.