Allfit contains small pellets of thermoplastic material. The pellets simply adhere together uniformly and also adhere very well to other surface objects, allowing you to change the shape of utensils or to add additional components to orthoses.


  • Small pellets of thermoplastic material.
  • Convenient size bags for multiple applications.
  • Quick activation time (1 minute).
  • Transparent when activated, white when cooled. Indicates when the material is ready to mould.
  • Pellets simply stick together uniformly and stick very well to other surface objects.

How it works and looks

  • No need to cut small scraps from larger sheets.
  • Easy to keep preserved and on stock.
  • Fast and easy to use and no need for special training.
  • Quick melting time and quick adherence around objects. Easy to mould into desired shape. Smooth surface all around for increased patient comfort.

Recommended applications

  • Change the shape of any appliance or utensil handle.
  • Add additional components to orthoses.
  • Use as a first web spacer or finger separators.
  • Improve patient grip by enlarging, enhancing or reshaping the objects one needs to hold and use during daily life activities, for example, knifes, forks and spoons.
  • Endless applications are possible.
Product Information & Education

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