Proton Solutions


Proton Positioning and Immobilization

Let us introduce to you how Orfit patient positioning and immobilization for proton therapy can help you with achieving accurate daily positioning, minimal patient motion and increased patient satisfaction.

Accurate Daily Positioning

Our promise: help you overcome your positioning uncertainties

Changes in WET Value in the couch top are limited to less than 0.5 mm WET variation over a 10 cm distance in longitudinal direction.

  • No rails or other parts underneath the extension that obstruct the beam
  • Homogeneous over the entire treatment area
  • Radiolucent
  • Multiple indexing points for easy positioning reproducibility

Clinical Evaluation by MAASTRO CLINIC, Netherlands

Verification of the setup of proton
neuro- and H&N treatments.

Minimal Motion, Maximum Comfort

3-points single layer HP PRO masks
allow for a PTV margin of 1 mm.
  • Soft touch mask with maximal stability and minimal shrinkage
  • No sharp corners or edges in the mask profile
  • Remolding possible until perfect patient alignment
  • Different mask types and sizes, a perfect fit for each patient

A radiotherapy mask becomes a close companion during treatment. For patients, it is often threatening and scary, but also cheering on to push through. We hope these colorful princess and superhero-themed stickers will give your youngest patients the confidence and courage they need to push through treatment.*

Find one free sticker sheet
in each box of pediatric masks.


* Orfit offers a complete pediatric product range for proton therapy.


Yes, there are different lengths of extensions available to allow treatment of all body regions, including craniospinal treatment with a long extension.

The 3-points single layer, head-only HP PRO mask allows for a PTV margin of 1 mm.

Changes in WET value in the couch top are limited to less than 0.5 mm WET variation over a 10 cm distance in longitudinal direction. More information about the exact WET value of each extension can be requested from our product support team at

No, the extensions are not supported. They are floating on air to allow treatment from every angle.

Yes, they are homogeneous over the entire treatment area. The extensions are designed in such a way that shape transitions are always smooth and with minimal sharp corners.

The Aerial couch top supports a patient load of maximum 235 kg (518lb) distributed over the couch.

Yes, the Aerial Couch Top is validated for use on the Mevion S250® Series Proton Therapy Systems. Read the accompanying press release here.

Validation processes with other manufacturers are ongoing.

  1. The head and neck of the patient are supported by a soft, personalized head support.
  2. Orfit HP PRO masks, specifically designed for proton therapy, are thinner, soft to touch and show less shrinkage than traditional thermoplastic masks. All of this without compromising on the stability.
  3. The right accessories will help your patient to relax their shoulders and will help them to experience an overall level of comfort on the treatment couch.