The AIO Solution 3.0 – Prone Breast Board

Introducing The AIO Solution 3.0 – Prone Breast Board

When it comes to radiation treatment, precision and comfort are paramount. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce The AIO Solution 3.0 – Prone Breast Board, the latest Orfit innovation.

Comfortable. Lightweight. Quick.

Say goodbye to the challenges of prone breast positioning. Orfit brings high precision and comfort to the prone positioning and immobilization of patients undergoing radiation therapy for breast indications.

A reliable partner
Our Prone Breast Board ensures ease of use for both patients and healthcare professionals. Its lightweight construction doesn’t compromise on durability, ensuring that you have a reliable partner throughout the treatment journey.

Time is of the essence, and we understand that. The AIO Solution 3.0 – Prone Breast Board streamlines the positioning process, saving valuable time for both patients and medical staff. Quick and efficient, this innovation allows for more focused and effective treatment sessions.

A complete all-in-one solution
Orfit is known for delivering excellence in patient care, and The AIO Solution 3.0 – Prone Breast Board is no exception. Designed to meet the immobilization and positioning needs of radiation therapy departments, this solution makes The AIO Solution 3.0 a complete all-in-one solution.

Ensure stable positioning
Cushions and wedges raise upper body for easier breathing and adjust treatment angle as needed.
Coating prevents patient from sliding.

Increase patient comfort
Flat armrest tops for full upper arm support.

Reduce unwanted movements
Specially developed Efficast masks enhance treatment precision.

Accurate body alignment
Indexed head supports establish reproducible head position.


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