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Learn More about Orfit – Your choice for superior precision, reproducibility, and exceptional patient comfort

    Orfit has been developing Radiation Oncology immobilization and positioning solutions for more than 30 years and currently supports more than 2,000 customers worldwide!

    Newsweek magazine released its list of America’s Best Cancer Hospitals for 2023, and we are proud that all of the top 10 hospitals and many of the top 25 centers use Orfit products. We’re thrilled to work with these leaders in cancer care to help provide state-of-the-art treatment.

Do you use The AIO Solution 3.0?

    Recently we introduced the Prone Breast Board, which streamlines positioning to give patients more comfortable, effective treatments, while making sessions more efficient for your staff. Lightweight and easy to use, it completes the AIO Solution 3.0, our all-in-one solution.

Not familiar with The AIO Solution 3.0? Read all about it!

The Award-Winning Aerial Couch Top

    The Aerial Couch Top, designed to optimize the impact of radiation during cancer treatment, embodies the future of radiotherapy. In the dynamic field of proton therapy, where precision is paramount, the Aerial Couch Top is a game changer. Free of traditional support systems, it ensures a uniform and homogeneous treatment area, an essential factor in proton therapy.

    Dedicated to improving proton therapy, the Aerial Couch Top’s award-winning design is a testament to our commitment to improving patient outcomes and quality of life.

Learn from our positioning and immobilization specialists

Watch them in action!

Workshop 1: Improving Reproducibility in Extremities Immobilization

Workshop 2: Head-and-Neck Patient Immobilization for SRS

Join us next year at our workshops at ASRT 2024 in Washington, DC and try it for yourself! Contact our team if you wish to receive more information.

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All-in-One Solution
Orfit’s advanced modular system fulfills the immobilization and positioning needs of every RT department, big or small.

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Patient Transfer Solutions
Set-up, scan, plan, transfer, and treat patients in the same position using patented hover technology.

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The Extremities Solution
Significantly simplify set-up and maximize reproducibility over multiple fractions in a variety of positions.

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SRS-Fix Solution
The perfect balance of rigidity and comfort to meet the high precision requirements of SRS.

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Proton Solutions
Soft, personalized head support with less shrinkage than traditional masks, with a proton-specific couch top that reduces positioning uncertainties.

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MammoRx Supine Breast Solution
Therapists love how easy it is to lift and replace this strong, yet ultra-light and thin positioning device.

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MR Safe Solutions
Safe and reproducible set-ups during both during simulation and treatment for MRI scanners and MRI linacs.

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Pediatric Immobilization
Orfit offers smaller mask sizes and sticker kits to help ease anxiety for children undergoing treatment and potentially reduce the need for anesthesia.

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