Ulnar drift splint

To prevent the ulnar deviation of MCP joints II to V.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Fabrication steps
Starting Position
Recommended products
Thicknesses mm (inches)
2,5 mm (3/32")
3,2 mm (1/8")
Non Perforated

Mould the strip of splint material laterally over the index finger from the PIP joint to past the MCP joint.


Turn over the back of the hand almost to the flexion crease of the wrist…


… and then back towards the palm, below the transverse crease.


Finish off at the level of the 2nd MCP joint and stick together by pressing.


Cut off any surplus material.


Attach the supplied loop tape distally over the outrigger with the heat gun.

  • Stick a piece of hook tape on top.
  • Bring the straight loop around the index finger and attach it to the outrigger.
  • Stick a piece of hook tape dorsally at the level of the index finger and bring the next loop around the middle finger. Continue with all the fingers.

Finishing: Apply some soft padded material at the level of the MCP II joint.

Fixation: Sometimes it may be desirable to open the splint at the level of the 2nd metacarpal and close it again with a hook and loop tape.