Three Ways to Deliver Maximum Patient Comfort in Cancer Care

A cancer diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming. That’s why supporting patient comfort during the treatment process is such an important component in delivering high-quality cancer care.

There are three ways providers can deliver maximum patient comfort.


1: Selecting the appropriate mask

Duon Open Face Hybrid Head Mask…..

Over the last five years, treatment techniques have become much more sophisticated and targeted. And on top of that, the stability of patients during treatment has become much more important. The challenge for clinical teams is to strike the right balance between stability and comfort so that patients can be as immobile as possible while still being at ease.

New advancements in open face technology, such as the high precision open face hybrid masks, the open face hybrid push-pin masks, and the Duon open face hybrid head masks help support anxious and claustrophobic patients and children. Not all open face masks are the same, however. So it’s important to consider the materials used to construct the mask.

Orfit Hybrid mask 33781/16MI/12MI+N.

Using innovative nanotechnology, Orfit is able to infuse small clay particles into thermoplastic material to improve the mechanical properties and rigidity, while offering an incredibly thin, softer feel. This material is very stable, especially compared to traditional masks. Because Nanor masks also compensate for changes in patient volume due to swelling, it’s less likely that masks will have to be remolded once treatment begins. In other words, Nanor further improves both the patient’s experience and streamlines workflow for providers. We use the Nanor thermoplastic material to construct all Orfit hybrid masks.


2: Choosing comfortable positioning accessories

The mask is only one aspect of patient immobilization. During treatment, it’s important for patients to lay still, which involves making sure their entire body is comfortable. Orfit offers a complete line of cushions, head supports, wedges, and blocks to deliver superior patient comfort.

Our innovative All-in-One cushion set and positioning system was specifically designed to reduce pressure points. Not only are the cushions much softer than the old carbon fiber structures, but the components can also be easily adjusted to fit different body types.

The AIO Solution 3.0 | Head and Neck, Breast and Lung Module

These advanced accessories help keep patients stable during treatment so that the therapy is as accurate and precise as possible without any additional effort on their part. What’s more, easy and intuitive indexing also speeds up the setup time. This means that patients can get in and out of their treatments as fast as possible.


3: Providing assurance and education

Regardless of the mask or positioning accessory, the patient’s experience with their care team is what provides the greatest trust and comfort. Caregivers who take time to explain and prepare patients on what to expect with treatment are those who deliver the best patient experience. If patients are prepared along the way, they will be much less likely to show anxiety. This, in turn, has a whole range of cascading benefits.

To help further explain the immobilization and positioning process, we provide patient education materials that accompany all of our products when requested. You can use these materials “as-is” or integrate them into your center’s specific patient education program.

Since our inception, we have strived to patients first and push the boundaries of precision and accuracy. This allows us to develop products that can truly help improve treatment outcomes and provide maximum patient comfort. We support more than 1,500 radiation therapy centers worldwide to fulfill this mission, and we are committed to pushing our development team for even greater innovation.


Learn more about our latest advancements for immobilization in breast and lung treatments.


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