How did we get so many types of LTTPs?

LTTPs became available in the 1960’s. The first LTTPs were made from rubber products and therapists working with these had good control of the material as they formed splints.  But the material itself had minimal stretch and very little conformability (see glossary in question 4). It was hard to mold around bony prominences. Plastic LTTPs were introduced in the 1970’s. Plastic LTTPs are highly conforming materials, but challenging to control. So, the manufacturers of these products tried combinations of plastic and rubber together. These LTTPs created well molded orthoses and offered a good amount of control.  Newer concepts in polymer production and design greatly improved the strength and rigidity as well as the elasticity of the LTTPs. As technology improves, we will continue to see improvements in our LTTPs.