What are Low Temperature Thermoplastic Materials (LTTPs)?

The splinting materials we use to fabricate orthoses today are referred to as low temperature thermoplastics (LTTPs) because we activate them using relatively low heat (water between 60-70°C or 140°-170°F) as compared to other high temperature thermoplastics which require higher activation temperatures ( greater than 100°C or 210°F). We can also place these LTTPs directly on our patients while we are molding the orthoses, unlike the previous generations of therapists who used higher temperature products and had to create molds of their patient’s arms.

There are so many types and varieties of LTTP splinting materials available today.  It is just as important to know and understand the correct orthotic design for your patient’s needs as it is to select a proper LTTP for the orthosis. This ensures that your custom made fabricated orthosis is not only procedurally correct, but also supportive, durable, and comfortable as well.  Patients will tend to be more compliant with a comfortable and proper fitting orthosis.