What are some helpful hints for working with all LTTPs?

Here are some quick tips and hints to get you started!

  1. When working with a non-coated product that is very sticky, try lightly rubbing the dry splinting material with a dusting of talcum or baby powder prior to placing in the hot water. The powder acts as a simple coating and makes the product less sticky, but does not contaminate the splint pan.
  2. Carefully monitor the water temperature of your splint pan and do not overheat the material.  Note the correct activation temperature for each specific material. (Check the LTTP manufacturer’s guidelines).
  3. Promptly remove each piece of LTTP when ready activated.  Leaving the material in the hot water for too long can also make it more difficult to work with.
  4. When adding outriggers, make sure to fully remove the coating from coated materials. Check to see if you should use solvent, or scrape off coating with your scissors. Heat up both parts with dry heat and firmly adhere together. If both parts are not heated, they will eventually come apart.