Why would I want to use non-stick coated or non-coated materials?

Non-stick coated materials are excellent for wrap around splints that you can stick together temporarily during fabrication and then pop apart when cooled.  This feature makes it easy to fabricate circumferential orthoses and allows you to use both hands for positioning while the material stays in place. Non-stick coated materials are easy for novice splinters and students to try because they will not stick to the towel, or themselves. And if mistakes occur, it is easy to correct any accidental bonding by running cold water over the product.

On the other hand, non-coated materials, or tacky materials, are best for orthoses where you plan to apply outriggers or attachments because you will be able to create a very strong bond. These also might be better for patients who are not able to sit still during the fabrication process (due to uncontrolled muscle spasms) as these adhere a bit to the skin. This might make the fabrication process easier as the splint actually stays in place!

The NS coating is also very durable: it will not tear at spots where the coating of competing products might get damaged after being stretched frequently and/or excessively. The NS coating is skin-friendly as it is water-based and not based on solvents.

The Orfit splinting materials that are currently being treated with an NS coating are: Orfit NS, Aquafit NS, Orfilight NS, Orfit Colors NS, Orfit Crystal NS and Orfit Eco Black NS.